This site was initially designed to be a Swiss army knife for students in my seminars It tries to include everything that anyone needs in their trip though photography
- A few words about myself, mostly to show how photography has changed my life and why I find it important to communicate this to others,
previous presentations of seminars for the students to review and have at the end of the day as a course book
- A gallery of pictures of the great photographers, the ones that stand out like beacons to guide us when we feel lost on our journey into exploring photography,
- A gallery of pictures of the “next door” photographers, fellow students, that help us realize we are not alone in this difficult quest of photographic evolution and sometimes might affect us more directly since they are easier to decipher,
- A few words about my seminars and their intension to help you find your unique path through the magical world of photography.
- A link to interesting sites that can broaden our perspective,
- A news room of all the events that might be of interest,
- A small library of interesting articles or thoughts about photography,
as it was built, I realized that it might be of use to others as well. I hope this is the case and anyone needing assistance in his/her quest to conquer photography and its meaning feel free to contact me.

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