Dimitri was born and raised in Athens. He studied Mechanical Engineering in the United States and did his Μaster Degree in Robotics in the UK. In 1995 he abandoned Athens and his career in the industry and moved to Zakynthos to follow his true love, photography. He set up his studio in Zakynthos and worked as a professional photographer doing advertising, travel photography, weddings and photojournalism. Needing to communicate his passion for the medium he started giving courses of photography. He has had students from the age of kindergarten to pensioners and from the seashores of Zakynthos to the mountains of Austria. At the same time, he has remained a student himself following seminars of various other photographers to broaden his perspective of the field. This has led in a change of his view of photography from mainly commercial to mostly Artistic. His teaching philosophy is to show people that photography, as a way to express yourself and get to know the world, has changed his life and so can change theirs. 

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